Terms and Conditions

The customers are advised to read the terms and conditions stated by Clean Sleep before making the use of the website. These terms of use are the contract between the client and business that should be agreed between both the parties to avoid any dispute in future. In case of any confusion, the user can reach us on 24/7 helpline number.

Term and Condition
Term and Condition


If the customer is to make any amendments or cancelling the booking, a prior notice is necessary. However, we charge no fee for cancelling the booking before one working day (before 24 hours). The customer only is required to inform us about the cancellation within the specified time period by calling us on 1300 557 868.

If the customer cancels the booking a few hours before the service time, he/she has to pay $90 as the cancellation charges. Extra charges may be applied, as per the alterations.


The clients can make a booking via phone or online by visiting contact us page. Also, at the booking time, the customer is the customer is to provide the card details.

Also, the customer shall provide us with all the details including any risk associated with the items needed to be cleaned. These details help us to accelerate the cleaning process. Also, if the customer hides the actual condition of the item, this may cause a delay in work and extra charges may also apply.


The prices for different services are different which are quoted and owned by Clean Sleep. We reserve the right to change the mentioned prices anytime, without any prior notification. That’s why it is suggested to the customers to cross-check the quotation prices before appointing any services, to avoid any kind of confusion. We also hold the right to make the changes in the quoted prices at the time of service, if the item turned out different than the describe condition.

Tile and Grout

We quote the tile and grout cleaning prices per square metre in residential and commercial spaces. Plus, a fee for setting up a steam cleaning machine will also be charged.


The prices for the mattress cleaning are quoted as per the mattress size, such as a Single mattress, double mattress, king size mattress and emperor mattress.


The cost of carpet cleaning services is quoted as per room rate. The charges for the different room will be different. For example, the carpet cleaning charges for the bedroom, lounge room, and dining room can be different.


The cost for duct cleaning is charged as per the quantity of the duct cleaning work, size of the ducts and premise, duct material, residential or commercial duct cleaning project, the condition of the duct.


For upholstery, the cleaning charges are applied per seat of the furniture and the number of items to be cleaned. The prices for the machinery, labour and cleaning products may also include.


The customer has to pay the quoted price once the task is carried out successfully by our cleaners. The booking shall be considered confirmed before the one day of scheduled booked service date. The accepted payment methods are cash or credit card. The customer has to authorise the payment of Clean Sleep after the work.