How To Dry Wet Carpet In A Flooded Basement?

Maintaining your carpet is an important task because carpet can be damaged due to several reasons, such as flood water leakage or fire in your home. The fibres in the carpet and pad beneath absorb an excessive amount of water, which can store the water for a very long time. Carpet water extraction is necessary either it may develop mould, mildew, spores, fungi on the carpet which may result in damage to the surface of the carpet. If you find wet carpet cleaning very difficult, hire a professional carpet cleaner who can easily do the carpet water damage restoration.

Methods for carpet restoration;
If Water damage is caused by a leaking pipe is not a big concern, because the water is clean and free from any contaminants. if the water flooded by sewage water or other contaminant water then its necessary to be replaced it.

Wet Carpet Cleaning
Wet Carpet Cleaning

Follow The Given Below Tips For Carpet Restoration And How It Should Be Done;

Dry Cleaning

  • When you see the carpet flooded with water dry it as soon as possible.
  • Open the windows and let the air accumulate throughout the room so that the carpet will keep drying.
  • Turn on your fan on a high-speed so it’ll boost the process of drying.
  • Leave it for a while so that it ‘ll get completely dried.


  • You can buy a commercial shampoo from your nearby local store.
  • Through Shampooing it’ll sanitize the carpet and remove all the dirt, dust & debris.
  • Use a little amount of water and a sponge and soak it in the mixture of water and shampoo.
  • Apply it all over the carpet surface and leave it for a while to settle down.
  • Using fresh water gently scrub it.
  • If you have a steam cleaner then you can also try steam clean the carpet completely and in the end, it won’t leave any soap residue also.
  • Let the carpet dry for a while and let the carpet take enough fresh air.

    Carpet Shampooing
    Carpet Shampooing
  • Chemicals To Reverse The Water Damage

    • As carpet soak up the water fastly the water particles sit deep into the fabric of carpet this results in the mould, mildew, spores, fungi, etc.
    • Buy commercial products from any nearby local store, which helps in removing these types of fungus and mould.
    • Before using these commercial products read all the instructions carefully and wear all the precautionary equipment for your safety.

Hire Professionals

When it comes to environmental care, Clean Sleep in Canberra has made great strides in recent years. Our professional carpet cleaning ensures that our all products are as environmentally friendly as possible and with eco-friendly solutions which are safe for both the environment and of course the people in contact with them. Our highly qualified technicians provide you with the top best services in Canberra, all in good deals and reasonable price. Feel free to call us for more information.

Carpet Water Extraction
Carpet Water Extraction

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