How To Remove Hair Dye Stain From The Leather Sofa?

Leather sofas are immune from almost all kind of stains, wipe the surface and the stain will disappear. However, just like nothing is perfect, leather upholstery also has some limitations. If you use hair dye to colour your air, you should avoid doing it on your leather sofa, because hair dye stains are really stubborn they won’t go easily. It can ruin your sofa by leaving an ugly stain spot.

If you accidentally spill hair dye on your sofa or you rub your head against the sofa while the hair dye is on your hair, do not leave it for long, hair dye can be really annoying. Act fast and start removing the stain while it’s still wet. The more you wait the more stubborn stain will become.

Leather Sofa Stain Removal
Leather Sofa Stain Removal

Here Are Some Ways For Leather Sofa Stain Removal.

Leather upholstery cleaning is relatively easy and can be done with a single head. Using conditioner to maintain the moisture of the leather is just the part of upholstery cleaning. However, the main concern is stain and that too hair dye stain, which is a true nemesis of a leather sofa.

Steps For Leather Sofa Stain Removal.

  • Step-1

    Take a microfibre cloth and wet it, now, blot the stain as much as you can. Let the cloth soak the stain, however, if the stain is dry, do no try this step. As now the stain has been set deep into the leather fibres.

  • Step-2

    Go to your local store and buy a leather sofa cleaning solution from there. To ensure that the cleaning solution is safe, do a spot test on a smaller area of the leather sofa. If nothing happens then only go ahead and clean the stain by using the leather sofa cleaning solution.

  • Step-3

    Spray the stain using an inexpensive can of hairspray that contains alcohol, after applying. Use a cloth and wipe the stain, if the stain has not dried then the stain will be removed.

  • Step-4

    Take a cotton ball and dip it in the rubbing alcohol, you can use vodka as well instead of rubbing alcohol. Now, wipe the stain using the cotton ball, keep changing the cotton ball and wiping off the stain. Keep the dirty cotton ball aside, the stain will slowly disappear.

  • Step-5

    Now turn on the fan and let the area dry completely. After some time use flaxseed oil and use a microfibre cloth to buff up the surface until it becomes shiny.

Leather Sofa Stain Removal Service
Leather Sofa Stain Removal Service

Call Professionals.

While this method would surely do the leather sofa stain removal, but to get the expected result you need to give this task to professional leather upholstery cleaner. Professionals are good at handling stains, they have the proper equipment and cleaning solutions which ensures a safe and leather sofa cleaning. Clean Sleep is a renown professional leather upholstery cleaner, we have experts worker and best leather upholstery cleaning, team. Call us for booking and visit our website to know more.

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