What is your Carpet Cleaning Process?

When we take the responsibility of cleaning your carpet we make sure that we clean your carpets efficiently and deliver you the best result. Here is the method which we follow to clean the carpets:
First, our cleaners will do a pre-inspection of the carpet to determine the fabric and type of stains present on the carpet.
In the second step, we will vacuum your carpet which will help in removing the loose dirt particles and debris from your Carpet Cleaning.
After vacuuming, our cleaners will treat the stains present on the carpet using effective and eco-friendly solution which is completely safe to humans and pets.
Carpet Cleaning
In the next step, using heavy duty machines the cleaning solution dirt and other contaminants are extracted from the carpet. Your carpet will be fresh and hygienic to use after the cleaning
Post Inspection:
After cleaning the carpet we do post inspection in order to treat the spots with our cleaning agents which are left out. We use highly advanced techniques and tools.
Carpet Sanitization: In the last step, we sanitize or deodorize your carpet to give it a fresh look.

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service


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